Monday, January 30, 2012

The prize I won in COCO-fashion

Last December of 2011, coco-fashion facebook  fan page was having a lottery promo wherein they offer two items as prices for two lucky winners and because I really love the dress, I never doubt to join in. I don't have any experience with the site, but who cares. I don't need to spend anything neither would cost me a lot. The only thing they needed is to take part and be one of the fans in fanpage, so I think it's quite fair and I join in. I never expected that I won the dress but at less I had the chance to become one of those. 

The image below is the actual promo in coco-fashion. One is the fur jacket and the other is the gorgeous dress, which I luckily won. 

Courtesy of coco-fashion facebook, fan page

Item: coco-fashion dress
Model: Vashti Yvonne M. Frasco

Above is the actual dress that I received last January 13, 2012...the shipping delivery is free and I only spent Php 40.00 for the acceptance fee. They use postal option and it took only 14-15 days delivery. 
Overall, I love the dress because it's so gorgeous and it's exactly the same as of the promo image, although it doesn't fit me, but I don't really mind it because its free. Apart from that, it's perfect for my daughter, which I actually give it to her. What my point is, the actual image is the same just make sure the measurement you desire is the actual size you're expecting. Please be reminded also that they use centimetres for the measurement. 
I'll definitely go for this site, I highly recommend. 

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